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Sara Barrio, collages, Speed 40, Chipe
Fanzine Les Ciseaux, Sara Barrio, Chipe, Paris, Madrid, Mexico


- Fanzine "SPEED" (nº 40): with Juan Pablo Chipe. 2010.

- Fanzine "LES-CISEAUX"with Juan Pablo Chipe. 2012.



- La Casa Amarilla: artist residency. Málaga (Spain), September 2014.



- H O R I Z O N S : "Horizons" is the metamorphosis of "Pages Blanches" (Alice Etcaetera / Chiquita Ediciones)                                                               by collages.

                                Video: Celia de Coca

                                Music: Clara Collantes



video horizons Sara Barrio collages
video real love Sara Barrio collages
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